Coming Back for Seconds

The CVB recently posted a blog covering a few of the mouth watering food options in Boone County. I know you went out and tried them all, so I hope you’re ready for seconds because I am continuing this blog series with even more tasty options right here in Boone County, Iowa.

Saint’s Avenue Café – This is a great place to take the family when everyone is in the mood for something different. The buffet chain features all-you-can-eat of all your favorite American options, including a salad and dessert bar.

Whistle Stop Cafe – If you want a homestyle meal, this is the place for you. Their breakfast menu is full of all your favorite options from eggs and hash browns to a stack of pancakes. Their lunch options are just as yummy, too.

The Lucky Pig Pub & Grill – A friendly place with Iowa’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin of 2016. You will not regret making a trip to this friendly Ogden restaurant for some grub.

Boone McDonald’s – You can never go wrong with Micky D’s. You already know what to expect when you pull up to those gold arches.

Your mouth is watering again, isn’t it? I don’t blame ya after reading about wings, dessert, pancakes, and classic french fries. Better get going, and trust me, you’ll be back for thirds.

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