Now for Those Thirds

Thirds huh? I told you Boone County really does have some amazing ways to satisfy your hunger. Check out the last of three blog posts in this series on the many delicious and nutritious places to eat out. We have just four more locations to introduce you to.

Dutch Oven Bakery – The Dutch Oven Bakery is family owned and operated and offers the best in Dutch baking. They have traditional Dutch pastries such as Dutch Letters or Dutch Apple Bread, but they also offer muffins and bagels. Did you know they were listed as one of Iowa’s best bakeries in 2018? Well, now you do.

The Livery Deli – Feeling simple, yet sophisticated? This is the place to go. Their wide variety of gourmet sandwiches and soups will have you feeling like royalty. Great for a heartwarming lunch or dinner.

Colorado Grill – Their wings, pasta, dinners, salads, and wraps are enough to keep you coming back, but their list of mouth-watering burgers will make you never want to leave. They also offer great drink options.

Boone Pizza Ranch – Order a pizza or dine at the buffet. Either way you are sure to get your taste buds smiling. Not to mention the game room to keep the kiddos occupied.

So there you have it folks. Over these three food focused posts I have introduced 12 great ways to not just met your basic need for food, but to truly enjoy it, too. Be sure to stick around, though. The CVB has plenty more great reads still to come.

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